Token Distribution

  • 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) PQY tokens in total.

  • No Pre-sale

65.2% to PolyQuity Community‌

  • Stability pool rewards (12%): Issued to users who deposit PUSD to the Stability Pool. The rewards described by the following function: 120,000,000 * (1–0.5^year)

  • 2 Pool (12%) Continuously minted for 3 years to liquidity providers of SushiSwap USDC-PYQ trading pair.

  • PUSD ecosystem (41.2%): Continuously issued to liquidity providers of PUSD/ Other tokens in the future.

25% to Team

Tokens will be locked up in the contract and released following a pre-set schedule. (Released in each block, halved each year)

9% to Top DeFi Community

The development of the PUSD ecosystem is inseparable from the cooperation with top Defi communities. Therefore, we reserve this part of the tokens to expand the possibility of cooperation with top Defi products.

0.8% marketing/bounties:

  • Set aside in multi-sig-address for providing initial liquidity and other marketing/promotion needs.

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